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Literature collection

All books listed here are available in the group, ask a colleague if you need them. The same goes for papers in journals that CWI is not subscribed to.

Hani's recommendations

Basic physics concepts

General books

Electron-molecule collisions: elastic, excitation, ionization, attachment

Electron avalanches

Streamer discharges

Introductions of PhD theses

  • Introduction of Sander Nijdam's PhD thesis (focus on discharge experiments)
  • Introduction of Casper Rutjes' PhD thesis (lightning questions, some modeling)
  • Introduction of Jannis Teunissen's PhD thesis (electric discharge modeling)

Streamer reviews

Examples of other discharges: leader, spark, sprites

Numerical & computing concepts

General books

Particle methods

Plasma modelling

Practical things

Fortran programming
Version control (git)
Data visualization (e.g., gnuplot, matplotlib, visit, paraview)

PhD theses on electric discharges

Note that chapters are sometimes improved until journal publication! Then please read the journal paper.

Multiscale Dynamics group at CWI Amsterdam

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