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Basic physics concepts

General books
Electron-molecule collisions: elastic, excitation, ionization, attachment
Electron avalanche
Streamer discharge
  • Introduction of Sander Nijdam's PhD thesis (focus on discharge experiments)
  • Introduction of Casper Rutjes' PhD thesis (lightning questions, some modeling)
  • Introduction of Jannis Teunissen's PhD thesis (electric discharge modeling)
Examples of other discharges: leader, spark, sprites

Numerical & computing concepts

Numerical solution of ODEs
Basics of hyperbolic PDEs (for scalar equations)
Particle-in-cell modelling
Plasma fluid modelling
Basics of elliptic PDEs (Poisson's equation)

Practical things

Fortran programming
Version control (git)
Data visualization (e.g., gnuplot, matplotlib, visit, paraview)
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